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  1. Congratulations! It is such a long time of waiting. But it is a very good and encourage news.
  2. They need to try to accelerate the process. Otherwise, 9-12 months will become 12-24 months, then the months will keep increasing.
  3. Please keep updating. Mine were received at April 07 2022.
  4. Yeah, so stressed. I wish we can have the recommendation soon.
  5. Hello, I noticed that your received date by DOS is 3 weeks ahead of mine. Have you received recommendation from DOS? Thks!
  6. No. I cam here for research. I haven't taken the exam.
  7. Yes. It is so painful. My J will expire in 3 months, but my hardship is still pending in DOS.🤣
  8. Hardship vs. long-term processing. It doesn't make sense. Is it possible to do something to accelerate the processing of hardship waiver? Could we send letters to DOS other than the email 212ewaiver@state.gov, like sending message to Antony Blinken?
  9. Thank you so much for your response. That is also similar as what I thought.
  10. Hello everyone, I was sponsored by my home country's government in my first year. So, the embassy refused to provide me the no objection statement. Then I requested my hardship waiver and it is not in DOS for 4 months. Do you guys think the previous sponsor from home country and absence of the no objection statement will impact the decision of DOS? Thanks
  11. My god! I wonder how WRD recognize which case as priority.
  12. It is up to the location of your employer (petitioner). You are not able to select the service center.
  13. Yes, if you don't have waiver, you need to go out of USA for the consular processing of O1. If you apply for O1 through CSC, it should be not difficult. VSC is not so friendly.
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