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    Being with my fiancée and her lovely daughter

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    K-1 Visa
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    We met through myspace friends online and through chatting our love for each other grew. After some months I visited her in the US for 2 weeks and within a month I was back again on thr VWP. She came back to meet my family in September and I returned again to spend another 3 months under the vwp. then our horror story started. I came back to apply for an extended tourist visa but got denied :( We are now trying to find a way to be together again until the K1 process is started when her divorce comes through.
    I love you kittyangel xxxmwahxxx
  1. My question is that I have been known in the uk as a certain name since I was 3 but my birth certificate shows my original name which officially has never been changed ( all records such as NI, Passport, taxes etc show my known as name ) If I keep my name as is when I get married will my SO need to change her name to my birth surname or to the one I am known as now? If it is my original one then I will get it changed by Deedpoll as no way am I going to go back to being called Chrismas
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