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  1. Who told you they cannot stay? If they get married they can apply for change of status and that's gonna be the case for many k1 fiancees that just entered via U4U program!
  2. Have the same questions as my fiancé is traveling soon and would appreciate some feedback from people that already welcomed their beneficiaries.
  3. We already have the authorization, I need real world information about actual people crossing with this program.
  4. Hi fellow travelers, My Ukrainian fiancé was recently approved for the U4U humanitarian parole and will be traveling soon to Miami. She had completed all of the vaccinations like polio, measles etc as a child but lost her records. It's also impossible now to get a copy of the records because of the war. Any advice on what to do here? It wouldn't make sense for an adult to redo these shots I think. But also we have no proof right now either. Also a question for those who already travelled - what documents does she need to bring besides the form i134, the parole confirmation and etc. Some people are saying further info about the sponsor and his documents should be on hand and there is a lot of conflicting information. I will be very grateful for somebody who has already received Ukrainians under the program and has real experience to share
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