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  1. Hi everyone, To save some money, I am filing I-130 form online to sponsor my parents by myself. Hope everyone who has experience could share it with me. I have a couple questions I would like to ask and I thank you in advance for all the helpful tips and insights. 1. I am married and still being married but USCIS asks me to provide a when-did-your-last-marriage date? haha. How do people answer this question? I am supposed we put it empty? See the screenshot 1 below. 2. How do people answer this question if I have not moved in the last 5 years? My answer should be 07/14/2016-present date but it seems like they want me to put a date. Do I put the filing date as present date? Please see screenshot 2 for reference below. I am grateful for all the inputs and any resources you think it would be useful during the filing process. Please share any link and URL if you know any. Thanks.
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