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  1. Hahaha I actually was imagining how awkward it would be to tell a customs officer that lol We withdrew the petition two months after getting notice that their offices received it, so no issues there. It is, though, a big reason why I want to go Utah instead of just getting married here. I was worried it wouldn't go well if he said "I'm just here to see my girlfriend/fiance but we're not planning anything" so shortly after a K-1 was filed. Like it wouldn't look quite right, you know? Or... maybe my partner is right and I'm overthinking everything haha I was worried about us already being married as being the same red flag, as you said, but I have seen a lot of others who are already married visiting their spouses in the US while they wait for their Cr-1's. So I thought it would be maneuverable since we'd just say what those people are saying to customs.
  2. I guess he is also here on holiday, I just don't want to be caught lying by omission - especially because we have a previous k-1 on file (it has been withdrawn). I've read before that people who do this (get married on a tourist visa) try to strategically get married toward the end of their stay so that it doesn't look intentional. It weighs on my conscious because we do have that intention. Like you said, we could tell them a generic answer like "on holiday" or "visiting friends and family" even after we've married through Utah? We are not obligated to tell them we are married? I really appreciate you talking to me and laying all this out. I just don't want to get my partner in any trouble, so I want to be as honest as possible to customs (without telling them all of our business of course).
  3. Hi. Yes, we've thought about just doing it like this and are considering that too. I am worried about him telling customs "I am here to get married" and then them having reason to think he'll stay for AOS / think it's weird he's not just doing K-1 and deny him. I suppose they'll think he may stay for AOS if he says "I am here to see my wife", but to my understanding a lot of married people are using tourist visas to see their partners as they wait out the Cr-1 process anyway.
  4. Hi all, has anyone married through Utah web, then met in person in the USA to consummate (validate) that marriage, then filed for the Cr-1? We're going to do that but I'm worried about them questioning him at the border, and I'm looking for personal experiences from others to see how others have done it. I looked in the forums here but most stories have been about people applying for the tourist visa, and my international partner already has his (plus many ties to his home country). We also considered me meeting him in-person to validate the marriage in his home country, but there are many problems to this due to our personal situation.
  5. Thank you for explaining that and for your well wishes! Would we not want the i-129f to be invalidated as soon as possible? We are planning on getting married online in June and consummating in July. I actually was worried that our k-1 wouldn't be revoked in time.
  6. Our reason is we are two months into the K-1 process and found out that certain things aren't the way we thought they were, and the Cr-1 is the best for us. He has a job in South Africa, he has family that relies on him there, and he goes to school there. I don't feel, with all that, there are causes for alarm just because we have been married online and have a withdrawn i-129f. I have no problems with him telling the customs officer, "Yeah, we withdrew our K-1 because of processing times, we got married online and I'm here just to visit." People with pending Cr-1's successfully use their tourist visas to go see their spouses. Do you see any new concerns with that?
  7. Good point. We're revoking our pending k-1 and not planning on doing anything else until we get confirmation that it's been revoked
  8. Thank you. The post i had been responding to really scared me so I appreciate you clarifying.
  9. We wanted me to come visit him in South Africa, but our personal schedules are making that difficult. It would be easier if he visited me, but I will keep your words in mind. There's always a risk of using a tourist visa, I'm comfortable though because he's visited successfully before and he has many ties to his country.
  10. Is the process of him coming here on a tourist visa, us marrying in person, and then him going back to his home country what you're referring to as fraud? I agree with you. I dont see how marrying in Utah online and then him using a tourist visa to regularly visit is fraud.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond. It seems to me we will have to make the case that he will return to his country either way. Is it any easier to make that case by doing it a certain way? I'm leaning toward Utah only because everything I'm seeing online says the penalties can be hefty if the government has a problem with us marrying while he's on a tourist visa. I saw one source saying marrying a US citizen is considered intent to immigrate regardless of if we file AOS while he is here
  12. Hi guys, My fiance and I are so confused and would really appreciate some advise. We are original K-1 filers, planning on revoking our i-129f and filing the Cr-1. Because of our personal situations, it would be hard to get married in my fiance's home country. And obviously, it would be a bad idea for him to come visit the US on his tourist visa and us getting married then. We don't have the time to wait out the 90 day rule, and I don't want to be walking on thin ice. We are considering going through Utah, which some sources say is considered as good as an in-person marriage and some sources say we still need to "consummate" the marriage after. It would be hard for me to go visit him at this point to do that. We could wait for a better time. I'm asking if it would be okay for him to come visit on his tourist visa for the purpose of consummating the marriage, or if he will be turned away. He has sufficient ties to his home country via family, school and work. And I don't foresee this being a problem since traditionally married people with pending Cr-1's are allowed to visit the US on tourist visas. I just want to cover all my basis so I'm asking you guys for your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading.
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