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  1. Thank guys for the replies. This site is so helpful, getting feedback on points of confusion does a lot to ease the stress. I think just to be on the safe side we are going to figure out a way to get our "wet" signatures on there, as Mike pointed out, it would be really terrible to wait all that time and be denied for such a silly reason. Not worth the risk. Oh, hm, I hadn't thought about this possibility. Originally I didn't consider this route because I was worried about processing time, but apparently the K-1 has also slowed down dramatically. I'll have to look into this route more thoroughly. Thank you for the info and suggestions, very much appreciated.
  2. Wow, thank you so much for your super expedient response! Okay, I hate to hear it but I sort of had the expectation it might be that way. The problem is right now there's absolutely no way to get it out. I will have to wait for the lockdown to end (it's already been over 60 days and no end in sight). They won't even let us out of our complex to buy groceries, so mailing anything out is never going to happen. In China same-sex marriage is illegal, so we cannot get married here before coming.
  3. Hello all, I hope you can help me answer a couple of questions. I am currently in Shanghai, China, where we are in a very intense lockdown. As a result, we cannot mail anything out like normal. For this reason I have prepared all our materials and hope to e-mail them to family members in the US who will print them out and mail them in for us. My question is can we use an Apple Pencil to sign our names electronically and have them print this out without any issues? Another question I have is putting in Chinese phone numbers there is not enough digits on the form to enter it in correctly, how should I remedy this? And lastly, I am currently in China but moving back to the US in July. Anyhow, as a result my mailing address and phone number are both not reliable (is it okay to use family members' address/number with their permission?). Thank you all for any help, we've completed everything just these small areas are confusing me and I'd like to confirm before I submit anything incorrectly.
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