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  1. Dear All, Thank you for your time. Will you kindly give me a suggestion of what to do? Apparently, we are DQ but simultaneously we received an email that said we do not meet the minimum requirement and may get a joint sponsor. It said the decision would be made at the interview. Our scenario is: I am the American sponsor. My Indian husband and I both live together/work overseas. So, I have an overseas salary that has been tax exempt the last two years based on the physical presence test. I included my salary amount and last three pay stubs, but it seems that does not meet the requirement - even though the amount I earn is enough. AND we have sufficient assets in the US to qualify us. I own a house and savings accounts that definitely cover the required amount. -Do I need a joint sponsor even though my assets are more than sufficient? -Do I need to find that joint sponsor before the interview? -If so, when do I submit the documents of the joint sponsor? Do I add them to them to the CEAC website? Or do I have my husband carry them to the interview? -Would it help for me to have a lawyer in this case since my assets qualify for sponsorship? Thank you in advance for your help and advice.
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