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  1. Pls when were you documentarily qualified?

  2. Yes, have been talking to some of my country friends, they said i should wait for 90days before sending them a notice
  3. The Co notified me the date of my medical expiration on the white paper
  4. Yes it means after the AP have been completed the passport will be delivered with the white paper given to me to be submitted at DHL my view Alright, no status changes yet
  5. I wanted to attach the paper, but i can't too large file
  6. Yes have applied for a student Visa before, 5yrs ago ,he asked about my wife ex husband and our age gap
  7. Good day all, i went for my spousal visa interview in Lagos Nigeria, during my interview the consular officer returned all my original documents, But he held on to my wife and co sponsored Tax papers and W2 . passport was returned as well, he gave me a white slip 221g which he ticked the box that indicated passport on the paper, he told me i have to go through A.P when they are through they will get back to me through my email address .. please what is my faith? And how long to wait
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