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  1. Congrats!! When the status changed, was the date of “I-612 sent” the same or was there a lag in updating that?
  2. According to AILA DOS liaison, it's been taking 9-13 months estimate due to COVID backlog.
  3. I see. Thank! man, I check every day like 5 times like a crazy person.
  4. Did the status change on 9/15 or did it lag a little till it changed? If they remember.
  5. I think there is major delays in hardship processing at the DoS.
  6. Check these out as of 9/13/2022 :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:September, 09 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:January, 11 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:August, 29 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:November, 01 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:February, 28 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:October, 17 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:December, 29 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:July, 12 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:January, 12 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:July, 06 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:January, 09 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:October, 17 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:January, 12 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:March, 13 2022; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:October, 17 2021; :Hardship:Pending:Form I-612:Received:March, 02 2022;"
  7. Check these photos. The tab title will be different. Both have I-612/613.
  8. I hope so too. It’s such a nerve wrecking waiting game. Very stressful.
  9. Once your application is forwarded from the USCIS (status will be On Hold) to the DoS (I-612 and I-613), this means that the USCIS is "convinced" of the extreme hardship, and they forwarded for a second opinion of the DoS. Most of the time, the DoS will issue a favorable recommendation and return back to USCIS for final adjudication. However, DoS may still issue a not favorable recommendation, at which point you cannot really pursue any further. Also, even if the DoS issues a not favorable recommendation and send back to the USCIS, that does not mean the USCIS will also abide. It is only a recommendation and the USCIS may still give you the waiver. However, I am not sure if that ever happened. It's just legally within the realm of what could happen. But to answer your question, USCIS -> DoS is usually a good thing.
  10. I see. I thought you were referencing your case. There is another case that's like us in Sep 2021 that was adjudicated by DoS in April 2022 (when I saw it change I got hopeful in April.. but alas)
  11. What exactly is your timeline please? When did DOS receive I-613?
  12. I know a case pending since August 2021. Will keep an eye on that if it gets updated. Mine is early September 2021.
  13. Hardship to the applicant is not relevant. Extreme hardship to the US LPR or citizen spouse or child only is relevant. But they take the cases in totality, which means if you primarily applied hardship but there is also elements of fear of persecution and national interest then those will help. The fact that USCIS forwarded it to DoS is definitely good, meaning USCIS is convinced and it’s just a matter of time. Out of all the cases I’ve encountered in the DoS I have never yet to see a “not favorable” hardship. 80% of the hardships filed in 2021 that I’ve encountered so far are pending. And 20% are favorable.
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