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    I met her in July 1997 at formula one powerboat races on the Saskatchewan river in Saskatoon Canada. I travelled with the circuit as a rescue diver and saw her for the first time at the boat launch ramp. I was totally captivated and couldn't get my eyes to leave her. Even when I turned my head, my eyes stayed on her. It helped quite a bit to feel as though she was doing the same.
    While out on the water, I sat on my jet ski with scuba gear on and held onto the side of the patrol boat she was in. The way I describe it is, my eyes were turned to the right most of the time watching her and occasionally I would notice 15 powerboats racing by at 140mph. I have never had anyone or anything draw my attention away like that. We caught each other over and over and all we could do was grin.... what a feeling....
    We got to spend some time together but had to fly back on Monday so time was limited and I wished I could have stayed forever. We stayed in touch for quite a while with phone calls but they got pretty expensive and wasn't sure how long distance would work. I have spent the last 7 years in other relationships but none that captivated my heart like she did and she remained as a daydream of how I wanted to feel again. One of the past relationships got me out of boat racing rescue and there seemed little hope I would ever return to Saskatoon..... but I did.
    I had been single for a while and the chance to rescue dive again started. Alot of the participation was based on a hope that I would go to Sask. and see if what I felt still existed and if she was available. The only contact I knew I could reach was her brother who worked at a boat shop and had been involved with the races. If I saw him, I could ask where she was.... it was at least a hope.
    When I arrived at the airport, another rescuer that was there to pick me up told me that Shane, her bother had been killed a couple weeks before. I was shocked, saddened and for a few seconds, lost hope. Then he handed me a piece of paper and said, "Julie came looking for you.... call her". As much as I had hoped to go back each year, she had hoped I would return and kept checking every year since then when the circuit arrived in town. I called her and she came to the area where we were unloading rescue equipment by the river. I was walking away when I heard someone call my name from behind.... I turned and there she was. She was just as I remembered, the feeling was the same and the connection felt even stronger. We hugged tightly for several minutes not wanting to let go.
    When my plane tickets were reserved, I asked the circuit for an extra day in town..... but for me it was based on the chance that if I saw her and we reconnected, I wanted one more day. We spent as much time together as possible and held hands, stared and knew that we were meant to be together in life. For the first time, we move forward with zero reservations. I had given her one of my rescue team t-shirts in 98 and she had kept it and still wore it as a night shirt. When I announced what had happened, friends and family remembered her from 7 years ago because of how much I talked about her..... no one seemed surprised.
    And here we are apreciating all of your help in getting through this process so we can be together.

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