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  1. Yes, it was removed a few weeks ago and replaced by new layout that makes it even more complicated
  2. Thank you for your information! If I don’t file the N-400 and keep waiting, do you think there’s a chance that they will just approve it without requiring an interview? Do you know if someone in this forum was approved their i-751 without interview? Thank you?
  3. Hi all, I have been married to a US citizen since 03/2018 and I have file I-751 on 08/2021 (my 2-year Green Card expired on 10/21). My I-751 is still pending right now. I have already received Notice of Action which will extend my GC for 24 months after expiration date. This October, I will be living in the US for 3 years and will meet requirements to apply for US citizen. Should I apply citizenship to boost up the process or should I wait until get called/get contacted by USCIS? I have heard that I-751 now takes very long time to proceed, and there’s a chance that they may issue ANOTHER extension after 24 months! That’s why, I really do want to speed up the process by filing N-400. But the problem is, I also heard that USCIS will 100% request interview for i-751 and N-400 at the same time which will require the appearance of my spouse. My spouse is very nervous whenever she has interview. (last time when we had interview for 2-year Green Card, she almost collapsed! For some reason we passed it!) As a result, I don’t want to drag my wife into another interview at USCIS. On the other hand, I’m scared of the idea of having wait for extra time after 24 months (we all are, aren’t we?) So should I keep waiting or should I file for citizenship application when the time comes? In case that I file for it, is there a chance that I can skip the interview? I’m willing to provide proof or documents or anything they ask. Any advice/recommendation is highly appreciated. Thank you!
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