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  1. Congrats, very happy for you. Can you explain a bit more what it was that you said to the senator? How did you contact them? The process sounds muddied but I'm glad you eventually got an approval.
  2. It's important to note that they are open until 6 Pacific time. I was in the same boat as you and they called at around 6pm Central (so 4 Pacific). There's more time Hopefully they'll get back to you, and please let us know either way
  3. Hi, they did context within 2 days but they were not helpful at all. I hope that you will get a nice agent, but I was just given standard bureaucratic speech and was even given advice that didn't correspond to how things work (I.e the agent told me to mail an expedite request which was then sent back to me. The sum of it was that I lost $10 for nothing).
  4. She is from Russia and I know that there is quite a backlog at the Polish consulate. I will complete the profile for sure
  5. Currently my fiance and I have been waiting about 8 months for our I129-f to be adjudicated and we were thinking about possibly getting married and going the CR-1 route due to uncertainty around processing times. We ultimately want to be together as quick as possible. I see the general processing times that are listed on the site and believe that there is a good chance that the CR-1 route would be quicker than continuing to wait for the K-1. I guess my ultimate question is if people can confirm that the upper bound is around a 10 month wait time from the date of the application, and I am more curious if people can share their experiences of the process
  6. The situation has changed slightly since her bank has been banned from Swift. But generally, I do believe that it was incorrectly denied. In short, the reasoning is financial hardship in that the current war makes it impossible for me to provide support and for her to live comfortably. I cannot transfer money and it is too dangerous to support her in person. It would be a huge burden on me to be able to give support and it is needed on her end
  7. Hello, I'll be having a phone call with a tier 2 officer in the next two days. I applied for an expedite request twice and we were denied. When I tried a third time, they said I was unable to submit but that a tier 2 officer would contact me. Is there any one that has spoken to an officer in relation to an expedite request? Anything that is necessary to know beforehand?
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