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  1. You just need to quit making assumptions you are making yourself look dumb
  2. Thats a dumb assumption.. Not time for your stupidity sorry.
  3. Who forgets that you gave up your GC? may be your family members would
  4. Thanks so much for the good vibes.. I need them a lot
  5. Honestly though.. Any time I travel outside the country the most I stayed out of USA is 21 days. I have debt , bank accounts a bussines bussines customers and of course my kids.. I don't owe any taxes no crime.. What makes Uscis that I want to give it up? While im still making a living here and meet up all requirements for citizenship?
  6. She did filled it up and used my signature that she probably saved from a document I had signed before.. I got samples of her hand writing. She also put a wrong address on the form.. I'm also wondering wich address she used when she mail the form? I did not get any notifications nor Uscis had a case number when I called them last year, and to mention that I have done multiple trips to Mexico since she sent the form
  7. Yes but thats dumb why would I fill a form up in ink and then do a digital sign.. Also when she filled the I407 form she put an address I don't even have
  8. Already have a lawyer meeting up with him next week. Uscis officer was nice and made me write in a piece of paper so they can compare my writing and her writing.. He continued to do the naturalization test wich I passed and they would send me a letter asking for evidence.. Good thing about this is that I don't have to re take the naturalization test.. I only need proof of my ex wife forging the I407 form
  9. We got kids together.. I'll be just happy to come to a resolution and get my citizenship
  10. She filled up Form I407 is the form use to give up your LPR
  11. I didn't want to fill form I407 she filled it and mailed it using my info she wants me to be unhappy and lose my GC because we are not longer together.. Officer gave me the interview and passed but couldn't make a final decision.
  12. So I applied for naturalization after I divorced my ex wife in 2020 I became a US resident back in 2014 through marriage I been only married once.. I came to naturalization interview on april 6 2022 when I got there agent told me that I have mail an I407 form giving up my LPR wich I didn't of course. My ex wife did she filled it up in ink and she had an google document picture of my signature that she use (note that signature wasn't filled in Ink).... Now im stuck until I can get any evidence of she doing this Uscis agent pass my interview but couldn't make a decision yet.. My lawyer said not to worry about it but im really freaking out.. Did I loose my residency?? How can it be? I just paid taxes I opened a business back in 2020 too Any advice? thanks!
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