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  1. Hi Everyone, I may be worrying about something that I should not. I plan to travel and temporarily leave the US using my I-512L (Advance Parole standalone document) next week for 1.5 weeks that expires in October 2022. I sent a "renewal" I-131 new application 2 weeks ago. USCIS will give me a new receipt # for this new application to renew my I-131 since it is expiring soon. Question: Will having a new I-131 application to renew the expiring I-512L document that I have cancel the current original valid I-512L that I have in my possession? I am afraid that once I leave the US and try to re-enter using my original I-512L, USCIS may cancel the current I-512L that has an Oct 2022 expiry AFTER receiving my new I-131 application. CBP usually sees the most recent "live" updates in their system. Let me know if you have experience or knowledge on this. Thanks.
  2. Just to update others who may be on the same boat, I upgraded to Turbo Tax Deluxe to have an option to talk to a CPA to check it before you submit. A CPA from Turbo Tax with 10 years of experience just called me and actually chastised me for filing my taxes! He argued with me that I am a non-resident and should not be using Turbo Tax but should be using the Sprint Tax version for NR as Turbo Tax does not deal with NR etc. I paid $99 for nothing. He swore that I am a non-resident so my blood started to boil 😄. I had to argue with him and read word for word the Substantial Presence Test from the IRS website that I am a resident for tax purposes. I could not believe that he would not believe me at first. He said he had 10 years of experience as a CPA. In the end, his tone of voice changed and he said "you're right." At that point, I lost confidence with him as a checker so I hanged up and now waiting for another CPA who is hopefully more knowledgeable. Thanks for everyone's help on this matter. It looks like you are more knowledgeable than the CPA with 10 years of experience and other 3 tax experts that I went through. 🤠
  3. Thanks. We actually received the letter saying that we have to enter this on Line 30. In the website, it says 0 for 2020 because we already received those.
  4. Thanks Wuzopo for taking the time to explain. I appreciate it. You are correct. There is no double taxation. I followed the interview in Turbo Tax Deluxe 2021 and got an unexpected refund of around $3K (mostly the $1400 x 2 stimulus recovery credit for the married couple). What I did in the simulation: 1. Foreign income was reported as "A statement from my foreign employer (could be cash)". I entered all full-year Canadian income (converted to USD based on current exchange rate) under this. 2. In Interview, I entered the 12-month qualifying period as shown below. The Foreign Earned Income Inclusion portion, Turbo Tax allocated $42K then I had to pay US taxes on the rest. I then entered the taxes paid in Canada and it resulted in a refund. QUESTION: Is this done correctly? Are you a CPA Wuzopo? I have been looking for a CPA or tax expert who could help me with this but with no luck. I went again to another local tax accountant in my area (Jackson Hewitt) and was told me there is no requirement for me to file (I know they are wrong....they are not just used to this situation that's why). If anyone has recommendations, please let me know.
  5. Thanks Wuozopo. Very helpful. This approach will have double taxation on my income when Canada has a treaty with the US and I am not self-employed. Canada is still considered my "tax home" since I do not have a green card yet. I still have strong ties to Canada and since I am on what many people call "purgatory" as I don't have status here, Canada is my tax residence. Would the Foreign Earned Income Inclusion apply for the full year since it is foreign earned? Thanks again for your help.
  6. Thanks CrazyCat for that reference. The advice came from a local H&R Block tax consultant which I doubted that's why I came here. He said because I do not have a W-2 so I can't report it. He said it is because I am a remote worker to a foreign company that has no US presence etc. IRS would not know etc etc. Does anybody have any idea how I can report this Canadian income without W-2?
  7. I need some help with the complex situation that I created by working remotely for a foreign company in Canada while still on AOS from B2 living in the US without EAD. I am married to a USC so no need to chastise me about working remotely for a foreign company without EAD as it is irrelevant and will be forgiven in my AOS. This is a tax question. Facts in the Case Married to a USC and filed I-485 in May 2021 (from B2 Visitor status from Canada) Resident Alien under Substantial Presence Test (200+ days in the US in 2021). No EAD in 2021 and worked 100% remotely for a Canadian company with no US ties (no W-2). Received my EAD in January 2022. Question: For simplicity reasons, let's assume that my income was $100K in Year 2021, all earned and taxed in Canada. 7 months of this income was "earned" while I was on US soil under AOS without EAD. Do I have to file for US taxes in 2021? If so, how without W-2? I would like to file but the tax consultant that I visited said no need. Thanks.
  8. I'm a new member. We filed I-130 (USC petitioning a spouse) and I-485 in May 2021 from B2 based in Reno, NV. When we filed online in May 2021, the case receipt said "Nebraska" so I inquired today because it is out of case processing time for this SC. The agent told me it was moved to Texas which is 14.5 month wait double what Nebraska has! Question: has anyone had an I-485 interview scheduled in their local Field Office without I-130 being approved by the Service Center? I read some cases where the field office is faster in scheduling I-485 interviews so the I-130 is approved after the interview. Is this true? Thanks.
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