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  1. How do you check your status to see it was received? I suppose you don’t have any case number yet until they mail you the receipt right?
  2. Yes, after all the struggles I’ve been through and facing this right now make me feel so devastated. She’s listed in the state bar but not in the website.
  3. It’s my married based I-485 package, I already have my I-130 approved. Also this isn’t my first green card application. My previous case was denied because I was not eligible to receive the green card, but I am now. Also I can’t file my I-485 online right? Because i need the sealed medical examination report?
  4. I asked for the delivery tracking number because I don’t have any proof that she sent it in. Anyway, do I need a lawyer to report her to the ABA?
  5. When I ask the lawyer about the delivery tracking number, she responded that it’s the IMS problem and she doesn’t have any answer for me. She even gaslighted me saying if I am being like this she doesn’t know how to work with me. I’m so devastated right now.
  6. I agree that it’s the attorney problem, when I asked her, she said that it happens to all of her clients. The fact that I paid her $4000 for this makes me so disappointed and depressed. I might be out of status because my visa is expired and I don’t have any pending case with USCIS.
  7. Hi, my lawyer sent my green card application package at the beginning of February this year, but we haven’t seen USCIS cash our check yet. My lawyer said there’s nothing we can do since we don’t have a receipt or case number. I don’t know what to do since I’m running out of time. I heard most cases get their receipt within 2 weeks or a month after they mailed their applications, but my case is almost 5 months already. Is there any suggestion of what I should do? Thank you.
  8. Yeah, there isn’t a day that I don’t think about it.
  9. Hello everyone, my case has finally got a favorable recommendation from DOS after one email inquiry and one congressional inquiry. My case had spent with USCIS at least a year due to Covid before forwarded to DOS on March 2021. You might have noticed no objection is the first route that I chose, but I got a not favorable recommendation after waiting for decision for two years (2017-2019). I didn’t send any inquiry because my lawyer never suggested it nor knowing that I can do that back then. This journeys cost me time, money, and especially my mental health. I’m not a full bright student, I’m an exchange student but my program was sponsored by DOS. I hope my experience can help you. Good luck 😊.
  10. USCIS requested opinion on 3/21, DoS received I-613/I-612 on 12/21. My case is still pending too.
  11. Hey, 

    Any updates about your DOS status. 


    1. COPK


      Nothing yet. 

  12. DoS received my I-612/I-613 on December 1st 2021 actually.
  13. Nothing yet. DoS received my I-612/I-613 on December 2nd 2021.
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