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  1. However I do recall from previous tax reports that I was asked if I at any time had foreign assets or money in a bank account exceeding 10k. So yeah you do have to give the IRS information about that
  2. That's all good but I hope you know that apparently you're supposed to report sums over 10.000$ to the IRS? You are also supposed to report any foreign bank account or asset exceeding 10k$ within the tax year even if just for a single day in your tax report. I am not a tax expert by no means. I just did some research and want you to be aware of such things. If you fail to report you will have to pay a fine. As far as I know you don't have to pay taxes on the transfer but you need to report it. I'm meeting with a tax counselor soon to discuss this with him. I use wise or former transfer wise.
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