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  1. You should hear back from them soon then. That’s pretty much how long it took us before we got the notice in the mail with the case number.
  2. We were accepted and approved on the same day, so I’m not really sure. I would think it’ll start from when you’re approved though. But I’m not totally sure. 🙁
  3. Hello guys, Here's an update on our case, so we finally received our case number in the mail from the Embassy after 9 weeks. It seems like we needed to get our case created through the NVC in order to proceed on anything else. It looks like everything else is now being completed through the Embassy and I can totally disregard any references to sending documents to the NVC. This is good news!
  4. Lol I don’t know what else to say then. Unless I got conflicting information, idk what the hold up would be then.
  5. NVC is doing my petition processing, once completed, the Embassy will do my visa processing.That’s directly from the IV unit at the Embassy.
  6. I’m just as curious, but will do. Extra $120 for what?
  7. Looking at previous posts and my circumstances, I believe the embassy will immediately pull it once whatever’s completed with what we have to wait for the 12 weeks.
  8. The Embassy now only accepts DCF for exceptional circumstances, I’m not sure if I’m waiting for NVC to approve my docs or not. I only submitted the basic I-130 package. Nothing more or less.
  9. I was told that since our case was accepted and approved, that it now needed to be sent to the NVC to be created in the “system” and then once that happened they’ll be able to go from there.
  10. Yea, I’m not sure why then. I will send them another email at the 8 week mark.
  11. I believe that it’s due to the fact that the USCIS office closed down back in 2020
  12. They may have done so. If you don’t mind me asking, when did you go through the process?
  13. Yes, that’s what I was told by the officer.
  14. Seems to be the same, it just sucks not having any updates or anything when it comes to where I’m at in the process. All I was told was that my case was going to be sent to the NVC and that it may take up to 12 weeks for processing.
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