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  1. We are curious about the result of your interview. What was asked and overall impressions? Any observations that could help our journey.


    1. rodianhobo


      My wife said that the interview was short (maybe 10 minutes) and the officer was very pleasant.  We printed everything from the USCIS phase and updated materials as needed (most importantly my I-864 and our photo and chat logs) - the officer didn't ask to look at anything.  The questions asked were pretty standard (When did you meet?  When was your first date?  When did you decide to get married?).  The only thing that stood out to my wife is that the officer asked her "What is something that annoys you about your husband?" three times (my wife gave three different answers haha, it seems like they were trying to gauge how well we know each other).  We were approved on the spot. 


      If you have any more specific questions let me know and I'll message my wife.  

    2. Kissima123


      Excellent! Thanks for the details, and congrats! 
      Did your wife just stand at one of the windows to conduct the interview, or was she taken to separate room.

    3. rodianhobo


      She stood in front of one of the windows

  2. I noticed today that my joint sponsor's I-864 expired in September of last year (we filed it in June and were DQ'd 2 weeks before the expiration date). With our interview coming up I'm making sure that all our ducks are in a row. Should I make a new I-864 for the joint sponsor? All of his financial, work, and domestic information is still the same.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the fantastic information! I just have one last question. When we filed with the NVC my brother was used as a joint sponsor. Do we need to provide updated financial documentation for him as well? Nothing about his financial situation or location has changed in the past year
  4. We were DQ'd on September 15, 2021 and our interview was scheduled two days ago (February 18)
  5. Thanks for the information! Should I file the new I-864 and submit the tax stuff on CEAC, or can my wife just take hard copies?
  6. My wife will have her IR-1 interview on March 8! When we filed all of our documents with the NVC almost a year ago I was living and working in Vietnam, and naturally the documentation reflects this. Since that time I have moved back to the US (my plane ticket was part of my proof of intention to establish domicile) and have a job here. I have seen some people update their documents on CEAC, and I was wondering if I need to update my job records (proof of employment/salary/etc.). I am currently filing my 2022 taxes, but will not have them done by the time my wife's interview takes place. An agent at Boundless told me I didn't need to update anything, but they've given me a lot of bad information in the past.
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