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  1. After DQ when the file will be moving from nvc to consulate ? how long it takes
  2. i got the message yes but my houshold and joint sponsor are still submitted status my wife and me the applicant files are accpeted
  3. two files is still submitted only but i got message of documentary qualified is that usual ?!
  4. hope ur DQ @Simplytex MAIL NW Any one submitted 27 oct here ?! I am 28 oct can i have a response today or impossible ?!
  5. 25 oct last submission got response any 26 oct or 27 oct got response ?!
  6. I don’t understand are they supposed to be at weekend or so ?! I am 28 oct i hope i got response by monday @Simplytex hope you get DQ by today!
  7. keep us updated please because i saw it in facebook group post and i don`t think who wrote that is lying so be attentive
  8. Saw Someone last submission 26 oct got DQ I hope we all get it 28 oct last submission and waiting
  9. I am at the same date submitted documents please keep us updated I saw someone filled 22 oct got response yesterday so we can expect something in the next 3 days i hope to be DQ becasue that feeling of RFE got me at USCIS stage and i was broken
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