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  1. This is the type of information I was looking for! Amazing work! Thanks lots 😁
  2. It is a family reunification visa, of course, and I appreciate your rhetorical question! I don't see the harm in trying to understand the thought process that USCIS/lawmakers had when they created this rule, Cathi😁 Have a lovely day!
  3. Great stuff! Thank you so much for this! Thanks everyone for your replies and help! Much appreciated. ❤️
  4. I think you misunderstood my post. There are people here on VJ saying that you cannot enter the US on a CR1/IR1 or K1 if your USC/Pet is not *physically* in the US. I'm asking why is this rule is as such, and you're saying one can enter on an immigrant visa regardless of where the USC/Pet is. Now do you see how this adds to my confusion? Maybe someone here knows the answer? My post wasn't about entering the US on a tourist visa, so, kindly, read it again. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I've been reading that it is important for the spouse of a USC to enter the US with their immigrant visa only if their USC either comes with them into the country or they already are in the country. Why is that? Are there any other rules such as this one that aren't that well known? Thanks.
  6. Thank you! How come there's no danger in getting denied based on the felony? I've read some stories on here saying it can be a reason for getting denied😃
  7. Hi there! I hope I posted this in the right forum. What is the process like for a USC with a marijuana felony wishing to file for their alien spouse? I am hoping I can get some help from those of you whose USC spouses also had a drug felony and successfully filed their application. We have met online a few years ago (not a dating website) and last year we met in person a few times while I was in the US (quite a few times for the weekend, and we also went on vacation together for a couple weeks). We are meeting again soon and we are going over our options. We are not married, but we may get married this year. We have read about the immigration process and we believe that going the CR1 route is better given that he has a drug-related felony. What are your thoughts? We have decided that it is best for him job-wise if I move there (I live in the UK), however, we are aware that having a felony as a USC and filing for a potential immigrant means there will be greater scrutiny for many reasons. He was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver as a minor (age 17, spent no time in prison - had to pay a considerable fine, though). That, at the time, was a felony - not sure about it now, I doubt it matters what the law is now (for our case at least). He has no other problems, he is a rather responsible person now; that was 20 years ago. I have no criminal record, so there will be no issues on my part that would require a lawyer. In terms of what we are thinking of doing if we were to apply without a lawyer - obviously, we would provide evidence of a bona fide relationship, and we will get the official court documents once we get rolling so I can read it all. We can provide evidence that would support our case of him being a level-headed and law-abiding citizen (ie: contract of employment, college education, mortgage etc). Is there anything else that we should be aware of? We would be fine filling out the application form ourselves, but we evidently are not as knowledgeable as an immigration lawyer can be - should we get a lawyer to help with our case? In other words, is this a DYI situation or is the lawyer a MUST? Any advice is greatly appreciated as we feel slightly overwhelmed. Many thanks!
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