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    He writes...

    I first met my US wife online in the summer of 2004.
    We first met offline in Maine in May 2005.
    We met offline several more times, mostly in Maine but a couple of times in the UK.
    We met online for hours (almost) every day from late 2004 to August 2007.
    We began the K1 process in February 2007.
    My visa was granted in July 2007.
    I moved to the USA in August 2007 and we married a week later.
    My Adjustment of Status was approved in January 2008 without an interview.
    I'm currently (December 2009) filing for Removal of Conditions. I had my biometrics appointment December 3rd 2009.
    I'm still very, very happy.

    I'm sure that all of my family, colleagues and friends who knew of my visa process thought what I was doing was a big thing. But to me it felt completely natural and normal.

    That's not to say I wasn't nervous about the future; I was and I still am. But I never doubted that I was doing the right thing. I don't think either of us have.

    Maybe it's because the visa application process was so nerve-wracking and emotional that the fear of delay or visa rejection dwarfed any feelings of nervousness about getting married. But I don't think so. I think it's because I was certain that she was where I wanted to be.

    I'm sometimes too hot in summer and too cold in winter, but at least I'm happy.
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