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  1. Thanks again for this Wuozopo. It's good to have perspective. I'm probably over estimating how long the it will take to wrap up. Trying to do a lot now even before the interview. Just want to feel secure. And as you experienced, there's always the unexpected. Just hoping the world situation won't prevent me making the move.
  2. Hey guys, thank you for all this information. AOS is new to me but I'll get onto that immediately. I plan to contact my health centre for the two immunisations I need from the medical, so yes, have that in hand here rather than there. Ian88, your being so organised you were able to jet off and marry within days of being granted the visa is admirable. I should really be in a similar position all the time I've had to do so, but in fact I have certain commitments here anyway that will keep me busy for the next couple of months anyway, so I'm not going to stress and will take things step by step. I have money saved so I can take things easy there for a while at least.
  3. Sorry about that, I wasn't really aware of the timeline. I've just filled it out as best i can but will go back to it when I've worked out mor dates. My interview is on March 18th. Yes, I'm aware there's a wait till one can work and travel, but just curious as to the state of play when that happens.
  4. That is so amazingly helpful and reassuring. I've got everything in the list, obviously, but seeing it like that I instantly feel relaxed. Thank you. You flew out the next day?!?!? Full of envy. I've so much to sort here - flat sale, Ebaying, shipping etc - I won't get away till at least June, maybe later. That's the real headache and stress aspect. Thanks again for the reassurance. (You glad you made the move? Easy to settle, find work etc?)
  5. That's so helpful and reassuring. Thank you. I have another question for you. I'm seeing a lot of posts about evidence of relationship. Photos apparently are not good evidence apparently, but receipts, flight invoices etc are, which is a bit baffling. We have some good photos from four separate visits, and flight evidence, but I just didn't think to keep receipts from restaurants etc. I don't really see how these are evidence of being together. How critical might this be at the London embassy. Oh, and would it be a good idea to put together a document of Whatsapp conversation screenshots?
  6. Thank you, Ian88, I'm waiting on this in the post now. I understand it has to be an original. A signed and scanned copy won't do?
  7. Thank you iwannaplay54. It's so good to have this reassurance. f
  8. Thank you for the prompt Jeanne, I've just done so.
  9. That's so good. Many thanks Wuozopo. I have my fiancee's I-134 so looks like we're up and running! I'll report back on how the interview goes. Many thanks again.
  10. Many thanks Boiler and Crazy Cat for instant replies. Great! Does that mean I DON'T need to supply the tax returns?
  11. Hello Everyone Robert here. Thank you to everyone for the invaluable information posted here, it's a real help and support. I have my fiance visa interview at the London embassy mid-March to hopefully be able to join my American fiancee soon. A simple question: I have all the required documents, but I'm surprised there's no request to see my bank statements and other information regarding my financial status. Would it be a good idea to take this along anyway with the requested tax returns? It's more a case I'm concerned I've missed something along the way and that I need to supply this. Just thought too, I have the document list that came with the embassy letter, yet there's no mention of the tax returns. I'm sure I read they were required somewhere else. Clarification much appreciated. Many thanks Robert
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