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  1. Already had an interview in Feb 2022 at US Embassy in London (Immigrant visa), my husband was refused , need to apply for a waiver, waiver granted February 2023. Now i emailed USA Embassy in LOndon what next to do, they ask for USCIS approval letter then sent to them, few days later they replied that he would need another police clearance in the UK and a new medical examination which has been scheduled already, then to schedule an appointment with US Embassy in London, we've tried to schedule an appointment but as soon as i put my LND number it says the number already exist and we do not know what next to do for my husband to go their with his passport., i emailed them today and explain to give him an appointment but insisted to follow a link and schedule it which does not work. Already had an interview , me and our children had our GC . Please can someone help me on what to do next as to get appointment for my husband to submit his passport please.
  2. Just to update you about my visa journey again since January 2022 ( EB3 category). The Embassy scheduled me for 7th February 2022 @ US embassy in UK (9am), it was my birthday too. Interview lasted btw 5 to 10min, my 3 sons and my husband but the boys were allowed to sit outside no question asked. We were unable to do medical exam but proceeded with the interview, the officer said no problem with that. After the interview he said go for your medical examination ( scheduled for 17th Feb, 2022), when i get the report i would issue your visa, he collected our passports.


    We attended medic on 17th Feb then 10days after i checked my status on CEAC, it says REFUSED last update was 7th Feb my interview date, up till last week friday no update status remain REFUSED. Then i got a message from DX Express yesterday 22nd march from information services regarding delivery. VISA APPROVED/PASSPORT delivered to me today, a month plus after medical examination, so frustrating but  stay calm it will surely happen.

  3. Did you managed to get appointment at end.? I would have to reschedule so I was trying to get idea wether how easy to get new date.? Its been a roller coaster though but to cut a long story short, i visited US Embassy in UK website and filled in contact form, stating my expedite approval date, case number, petitioner name etc, and write a brief note about myself, unable to schedule interview on AIS due to no appointment, then i got an auto reply saying it will take 3-5 working days to get a reply, luckily i got a reply within 24hrs to log in again and at the same time they sent me an interview notification letter, so they booked me . I think its all depend on the case and who is dealing with it, i did not schedule my interview post expedite but they booked me, and i was told to cancel any appointment should be the last option as its not easy to schedule you on time after cancellation. Hope you find this helpful.
  4. Hi there, please could you give me a idea what are the reasons you use to expedite your case ? I tried 2 times and had been denied. Thank you so much. Hi my recruiter requested on my behalf but i think one of the reasons could be i suppose to start my new assignment in Sept. 2021, QD April 2021 and priority date Oct 2020, they requested first in May 2021 but no reply from US Embassy in UK as they were not conducting IV interview then sent another request in Dec 2021 and approved following day.
  5. nd you found the list of choices and picked “ I have received a letter/email from the consular section with instructions to schedule an immigrant visa appointment.”—-even if you didn’t actually get a letter. Am even thinking if i did not tick any option when i registered because i realise that you can still continue with registration without ticking option. Can i create another account using my second email and re-register by ticking the right option that i have an email with instruction to schedule my visa interview? or are they holding to let me schedule cos i only registered 3days ago. Is there any email contact that i can write them and explain my situation please, this is so frustrating for me, kindly help me please.
  6. still thesame, is it possible to delete and re register again? am not sure if i clicked on the right option
  7. thanks will try again, i got to this page but never see the date.
  8. just clicked on the link you sent now, it shows green immigrant visa and logged in still receive same message as there's no appointment.
  9. The page came up as blue then , logged in blue and turn to green then clicked on schedule appointment and still get same message, i have tried over and over , am fed up. I actulally registered on the on travel state .gov where it says register here for you delivery address before interview, dont reall know what else to do.
  10. Expedite approval notice received in in Dec 2021 and case READY on ceac website 4th Jan 2022, registered with AIS and trying to schedule interview but no appointment available ( US Embassy in UK) is the message everytime am on it for 3days now, is anyone experiencing this and what's the way forward please.
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