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  1. Yes and they just had their medical today. But they were told to have that sputum test then come back on 31st, 2nd and 3rd and the result will be done by april 🙄😩
  2. OMG. All of a sudden that was a thing. They didn’t have that before 😩
  3. So the Sputum test is really the new thing now? My parents needs to get it. They have their visa scheduled on February 14. And they were advised to come back at St Lukes on January 31, February 2 and 3 🙄 I don’t know how long will it take them to get the results. And how can you pass this test 😩
  4. I didn’t know that. I had mine expedited before but they didn’t approve it. You guys are lucky!
  5. The NVC scheduled my parents interview. They will just notify us the petitioners.
  6. My parents are scheduled on February 14th. Are you guys trying to schedule an interview for your parents?
  7. Wait, are you guys trying to schedule an interview for your parents?
  8. I have this checklist for my parents. Additional checklists: **Copy of appointment letter **DS 260 copy **Medical Exam **NSO Birth certification **NSO Marriage certification **Passports and photocopies **2x2 pictures white background Petitioners Checklists: **Form I-864 Affidavit of Support **2018, 2019, 2020 Tax Refunds **Merose’s Passport Photocopy **Connor’s Passport Photocopy **Merose’s Naturalization Certification Copy **Merose’s NSO Birth Certification **Merose’s Marriage Certification **Evidence of the relationship between petitioner and applicants (pictures) I hope it helps!
  9. Thank you! I believe it was May of 2019.
  10. Today at 6 in the morning ET. What is PD?
  11. I just got an email for their interview on February! Thank god 🙏🏼
  12. I am so sorry to hear your loss. I would suggest calling NVC but it is very hard to get in touch with them. Try the NVC public inquiry, send them email from there.
  13. Yes! How did you do it? What did you tell them? Are your parents here already?
  14. What category are you? Do you mind to tell us what reasoning you told them to make it quick?
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