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  1. @cmncl i got DQ on July 15, received interview letter on August 5, for a Sept 30 interview.
  2. Just got my IL. DQ date is 15 July 2022. Interview is 30sept.
  3. Hi, we got DQ on July 14, 2022. I'm a bit confused as to how the interview scheduling works. When I contacted our consulate, they said that NVC is still holding the file and has not yet transferred it over. Does NVC only transfer it once they have scheduled the interview? So I guess the consulate doesn't actually set the date? Rather NVC does it?
  4. @RDWP oh that’s good to hear. I’m guessing you got DQ around May? That’s a pretty decent time frame. Was expecting a backlog. Any issues with the interview?
  5. We got DQ on July 14, 2022. Applying for an IR1 visa. Any idea how long the wait for interview might be? Seems like it used to be about a month, but not sure now, as they had shut the embassy for a few months earlier in the year.
  6. So I heard back from NVC today, and got the DQ email/notification! Original submission was Jan 7-12, and got the first FE note on April 1 to add a household member for the petitioner. I am the immigrant and was using my own income on the petitioners I864, as i will keep my job when I move to the US. Responded to the FE on April 28 and also decided to add a joint sponsor and his household member to CEAC. Submitted these documents from April 28-May 4. Heard back from NVC on July 12, and got a second FE note. Our lawyer had made an error when uploading the joint sponsors I864, and the pdf file that was uploaded included an I864A. NVC wanted the i864 to be submitted by itself. Resubmitted the correct document on July 13, and was DQ on July 14. Interestingly, NVC removed my documents as HH member, and just kept the joint sponsor and his spouse. Considering myself very fortunate that I skipped a whole 80 day review period. Now the wait begins for an interview at the HK consulate.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I was able to get through to an agent, who was actually quite pleasant to talk to. She put me on hold to confirm with her supervisor, and according to them I need to submit an I864A. Which goes against the instructions of the I864 and I864A, as intending immigrants who don't have immigrating dependents are not required to fill it out. Wondering if they really read the details/instructions. Not sure if she really checked with her supervisor, or just put me on hold to brush me off. Think I might just have to fill it out and submit it, even though it makes no sense, as I would effectively be signing a contract to offer my income to support the intending immigrant who is myself lol.
  8. Hi All, So my documents were reviewed by NVC today, and all were accepted. Our case is a bit unique, as we are using the income of the intending immigrant who is the spouse. The income will continue from the same source of employment once the immigrant moves to the US. However the reviewer left a case FE note requesting a Form I-864A. But when I completed the I864 form, in part 6 box 22, it states that the intending immigrant doesn't need to complete I-864A because he or she is the intending immigrant and has no accompanying dependents. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm wondering if I should call NVC to explain to them that the I-864A is not needed as per their I864 form instructions. The intending immigrants also has no dependents. Thank you,
  9. Hi Visa Journey, Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried to search for an answer, but couldn't quite find it. We are currently in the process of uploading the documents to the CEAC portal, and with regards to the financial sponsors proof of US citizenship, we plan to upload a copy of their passport. I would like to clarify if by "copy", they mean a full scanned copy of the passport i.e. every page? Or just the page with the biographic information. As when we filed our I-130 petition, we had to submit a full copy of the passport. Kind Regards,
  10. @Alex Prijn This is very helpful. My wife and I are in the process of completing the I864. I'm the intending immigrant, and we are considering using my income, as my employer has agreed for me to continue working for them once I move to the US, and will transfer me to their branch over there. I have obtained a letter from my employer stating my current annual income, position etc and the fact that my employment will continue within the same group. Was there anything else you needed or recommend to submit? I have also obtained 6 months worth of pay stubs and a letter confirming my salary for the past 3 years. As a back up we do have assets that we can use, but I wanted to try the intending immigrant income route first. Thank you.
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