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  1. I try not to look until later on in the day so I don't get discouraged!
  2. True, for my sanity, I'm calling 3/17 mid march LOL but I am hoping they keep some type of pattern going here - wishing every march filer a response soon!
  3. March 17th here and the percentage in 64000 is horrible!
  4. I spoke to a tier two representative, not the contact center representatives.. that’s who told me my case was assigned to an adjudicator on 11/23/21 and that once it’s assigned to someone there is no expedited processing that can be done, expedite requests are only for once it has been received, determined if biometrics are needed or not and when it is “in line” to be assigned (since may for us)
  5. So if your inquiry qualifies as urgent they will call you back with 72 hours! If not, then it’s within 30 days
  6. Tier two is who told me it had been assigned! I know that tier two can see more they have access to the service centers notes where are tier one can only see the updates that we can see! They do not tell me I’m not eligible, I just say I want to speak to tier two and they place me in the que! I have done this close to 10 times now
  7. I just call the contact center and request to be placed in the que to speak to tier two, they really can see more information than tier one who answers the calls at the contact center. I do not even talk to them anymore, they have to place you in the que to speak to a higher agent if you request that! usually takes 2-3 weeks for them to call you back
  8. I just downloaded case tracker! Can you tell me how to search on the app? I keep getting an error message!
  9. I had a callback with a tier two rep last week and thats who told me it was assigned on that day but I am calling now to confirm!
  10. ok good! thats what I have been waiting on! im in the 64000 group and i have been told our case was assigned to an adjudicator on 11/23/21, how long does it normally take to process once it's been assigned?
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