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  1. That’s really a sad news
  2. Hi, yes the Consulate kept our passports with them for 100+ days. Regards Benita
  3. No idea..In our case it took almost 100 days. Benita
  4. Most probably the Consulate will be waiting for the Security Advisory Opinion which has to be given from Washington.Nowadays it’s mandatory for Immigrant Visa.Just wait…….you can expect the visa in a couple of weeks.
  5. Hi, Our online status changed from “Ready” to “Refused” after the interview.100 days after interview the status changed from “Refused” to “Administrative Processing” and 102 days after interview the status changed to “Issued” and on 105 th day we got our passports . Regards Benita
  6. Yesterday my status got updated to “ISSUED “
  7. After 95 days today our status changed from “Refused” to “Administrative Processing “
  8. Yes our passports are with the Consulate.I wrote a mail to the consulate to know whether my medical reports have reached the consulate and they replied as all your medical reports are on file.
  9. Thank you very much for the information
  10. 5…Myself,spouse and 3 kids
  11. I don’t think it’s the medical report because our medical report wasn’t there on the interview day.VO told after interview that everything seems to be fine and I will take my final decision after your medical report arrive.We did our medical the day before the interview.May be medical report will be along with the remaining packets.He gave 5 packets after interview and informed rest of the packets will be delivered with the passport.
  12. No idea.VO advised not to open the confidential Visa packet.Just hand it over to the immigration officer at the first port of Entry to the US
  13. If there was anything wrong in the medical report VO could have simply refused my Visa and return my passport.What’s the need for Mandatory additional Administrative processing? I think in your case job offer is enough. For Health care workers a recruiting firm is our sponsor and we will be working in a third party client site ( Hospital).That’s why I have job contract with the Recruiting firm and job offer from the client ( Hospital).
  14. My employer is my sponsor.I’m not working here for an American company.I’m a nurse by profession.I had both my job offer and job contract.There was nothing wrong with any documents from my side.If so VO would have asked to submit additional documents. I don’t know whether every case will be sent to Washington for Security Advisory Opinion.I think my case was transferred because I am from a third world country ( India) and applied for the immigrant visa from Germany.
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