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  1. Final update: My I-612 just got approved by the USCIS. The case was received in Feb 2nd and approved in March 9th which makes a total of ~7 months since I first sent my papers to DOS. Good luck!
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your timeline! Where was your case processed? Mine has been in Vermont since Feb 2nd and still no updates from USCIS
  3. Update: I just received the Notice of Action from USCIS by mail today (Feb 8th). I checked the case status online and it says that they received the recommendation from DOS on Feb 2nd, so it took almost two weeks for recommendation to reach them from DOS
  4. Hello everyone, A quick update on my case, I got a favorable recommendation from DOS on January 19th. Here's my timeline so far: 1- Case file sent end of August 2- NOS letter sent from embassy first week of September 3- Case received October 21st 4- NOS letter resent from embassy on December 13th 5- NOS letter received December 14th 6- Favorable recommendation January 19th Should I contact USCIS now or just wait for them? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, just a quick update. I contacted the embassy to send another letter, and make sure that they send it with the barcode page to the DOS. They sent it on Monday and it appeared on the DOS website the next day (Dec 14). Not sure if it's the first letter that appeared or they were that quick to receive the second letter. Next step is the recommendation from DOS, it says on their website that it takes 12 to 16 weeks after receiving all required documents. I hope it doesn't take longer than that!
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to check and see if anyone else is experiencing delays in the processing of NOS waiver application. My application was sent last week of August to the DOS and my embassy sent the NOS first week of September. The website got updated on Oct 21st stating that my application was received. I am still waiting for my NOS letter to appear on the website, it's been almost 3 months now...I'm hoping I can get everything set before April 2022
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