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  1. Hey man, I just wanted to personally thank you for this post. The fact that I followed your advice was THE reason why my wife was already able to complete her interview at USEM on April 8, after we got auto-expedited at the end of March. My wife talked with another lady whose case got auto-expedited at the same time as ours did...they waited for the email with instructions to book an interview, and the earliest interview appointment they could book was in July. I will be able to bring my wife over to America in time to celebrate my 30th birthday with my family in May, and to attend my cousin's baby shower in June. She would have missed both of these events if I hadn't seen your post and done what you had suggested. I really appreciate it!
  2. Okay never mind, I just figured this one out. Apparently there are other VJ members that had the same issue, the solution was to click "forgot password" and then enter your email under "username". They sent me a temporary login code and I was able to access an account which I apparently had, but I never created. I guess they automatically created one under the same email I gave to USCIS at the time of petition. Weird.
  3. I just tried to create an account on that site and it wouldn't let me. When it asked for first and last name, I started off with my name and it said "please make sure you are entering your name correctly as it appears on your passport". I then tried using my wife's name, thinking maybe that's what it was asking for. It then said there was an error and the site administrator had been notified. Anyone have any idea what's going on here?
  4. I have also received an auto expedite notice today, my case was DQ'd on June 26 2023. My case is now an IR1 since we got legally married at the very end of 2021 and I filed my petition in April 2022. I was one of those early 2021 K1 filers who aborted my fiance visa case and switched to the spousal visa once I learned about the insane 2-3 year backlog for K1 interviews at USEM Manila. At the time there was no backlog for spousal visa interviews, so it made total sense to drop the fiance visa case even though I was already 8 months into that whole process. Little did I know that I would be encountering ANOTHER interview backlog from USEM...one which I never would have had to deal with if my case had been DQ'd just one month earlier. Just maddening. But I am relieved that this one didn't turn into another 3 year ordeal like it did for the K1 visas.
  5. Hey guys, I'm another May 2023 DQ case with no interview date in sight, and I've just started reading through this thread. Question: for cases that are "auto-expedited", does that typically happen without the petitioner doing anything at all? Or is that usually something that occurs for people who have sent an expedite request in the past?
  6. Thanks, that thread was very helpful. Many people there were talking about "auto-expedites" happening in batches. Does this happen without the petitioner doing anything at all, or do they usually auto-expedite cases where someone has already sent in an expedite request in the past?
  7. Our case has been documentarily qualified at the NVC since May of last year, but we still have not been contacted for an interview date. It was my understanding that the embassy in Manila didn't have much of a backlog for processing spousal visa cases. Any idea what's going on here? Is there a way to request an expedite, or to at least request more info on the status of our case? Thanks
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