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  1. Yeah I should of, thought that when it said separate applications petition that mean different envelopes as well. Thank you, I think i will just start my dad process and wait to hear back about my mom from USCIS. Another Question for the Affidavit of Support, should i file I-864EZ or I-864? Thank you.
  2. Yeah I filled them in separate envolopes, they both went to Texas, so I am not sure what’s going on , I keep checking the uscis website I still see the same update” the case is received in February 2017 and we sent you the receipt” I even called the uscis and I got no help .. not what to do because i have not proceeded with my father case since i am waiting for my mother to get approved and forwarded to NVC. if someone had gone through the same thing .. it will be helpful to get some insights. thank you.
  3. Hello, I have question regarding my parent's Immigration visa process. I submitted I-130 for both my parent as i am US Citizen, My father case been approved and forwarded to NVC in august 2017 and not my Mother's case. When i check the USCIS it shows that my mother case still pending, I am confused are both my parent supposed to be under same case number in NVC or they supposed to have a separate case numbers. Thank you in advance!