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  1. YES...and also my interview took less than 2 minutes. How i meet my fiancée? Thanks JESUS -CHRIST.
  2. God is Good... Then comes the magic words!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 JPAZ You were right 👍... Thanks VJ team!!!!🙏🙏🙏
  3. That also confused me...i thought maybe something went wrong...
  4. Hi ,sorry i forgot to mention that it a k1 visa in Germany(frankfurt)
  5. Hi ,sorry i forgot to mention that it a k1 visa in Germany(frankfurt)...
  6. Hi ,hoping that y'all are ok...please just to have some advices from you...My medical was on the 23 november and the hospital send my results to the consulate in frankfurt this December 2...I went for my interview on the december 6....I was approved on the spot but unfortunately my medical result was not there as the CO told me. All along my status changed to "READY" then "REFUSE" but today in the morning my status changed from REFUSED to APPLICATION RECIEVED and now is ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS is that some thing wrong on that ? Because, i read somewhere that "ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS " can take weeks sometimes months. I am bit confused what can i do?
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