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    my only interest right now is being with the woman I love as soon as possible.

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    We met in the spring while I was on vacation in Phuket. I originally was just staying in Bangkok but I wanted to see more so I booked a trip to Phuket to check out some beaches. I was there alone and just wanted to take in the sights, I wasn't there looking for a woman at all. When I got to my hotel I met this beautiful girl who was working at the massage counter and we started talking. After we talked a while and were joking around I felt compelled to want to get to know her, she is like no one I've ever met. I asked her out for dinner to which she said yes and we just had this instant connection that neither of us could explain. We went out dancing after dinner and stayed up all night talking which I have never done with someone I just met. We stayed together the remainder of my time and it just seemed right every day. We talked on the phone every day and sent many emails after I returned to the USA and after getting to know eachother I decided I wanted to take it a step further and I asked her over the phone if she would marry me and come to live here with me. She said yes! We decided we wanted to have a non-legal Thai wedding in her home and get legally married once she came here, seemed to make sense since we would be living here, not Thailand. We did our ceremony in Thailand on September 28th during my 3 week stay there with her. Filled out the paperwork together while I was there and filed as soon as possible when I got home.

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