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  1. Does this mean that they wont be sending me any physical documents at all? Thank you so much for the help, sorry if this is a beginner question. We have not yet begun the process.
  2. Hi, I'm a woman currently living in the UK. Before my American partner and I apply for our K-1 visa, I wanted to ask about mailing addresses. I live with my parents and anything sent to my address will not be given directly to me due to the nature of my family. I also do not want them to know I am engaged, yet. What are my options? Is the USCIS packaging discreet? Are PO boxes an option? This whole process makes me nervous as I want to be able to tell my family when I am ready that I am engaged. My worst nightmare is my mother discovering my engagement because of a letter from US immigration through the door. Please help! Thanks so much
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