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  1. Who said anything is right? People poke at Chicago. I bet you can find a link to every city in the US where a kid does something on a school bus. Why only point out Chicago and ignore the others?
  2. Sadly the best thing that can happen is more school shootings. The boomer generation won’t fix the issue but the next generation will. The 2A won’t change in my lifetime but I suspect it gets revised or abolished in the next 50 years.
  3. It’s Texas. I recall it from the headlines when it happened. They were the parents mad because their kid got in trouble. Perhaps has a future on Texas Govt.
  4. Better then Texas where people throw chemicals on bus drivers. https://texasbreaking.com/2021/08/school-bus-driver-assaulted-doused-with-burning-chemicals-by-assailants/
  5. Seems to me red States lack priority or working for the people. Deep Red states all rank as the least educated in the US yet they spend time on issues to CRT, abortion and other silly issues meanwhile they lag in education and health. Texas has an abysmal record on child health and mortality. Voting against their own interests. https://wallethub.com/edu/e/most-educated-states/31075
  6. Looks like the GOP controlled States are managing the pandemic well /sarcasm https://news.yahoo.com/red-america-now-dying-covid-121640335.html
  7. Seems to me Brazilians don’t like being poor so they are scamming the asylum path. https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/brazilian-town-empties-migration-us-accelerates-2021-11-30/
  8. My taxes went up under tRump. Fact. I live in NH which has no sales or income tax. My property tax alone far exceed the 10k. I also work in MA so pay MA income tax. If the SALT tax limit increases then my taxes go down as they should as the cap amounts to a double tax. Meanwhile billionaires pay nothing.
  9. Simple. DJT. He instigated all the anti vaxx non sense because instead of address the pandemic like a normal person he turned into a political culture war. Prior to the pandemic the fraction of anti vaxxers was super small. tRumpers wanted to down play it and pretend this was all over low and then challenge science. If someone intentionally fails to get vaccinated I feel not one shred of sympathy. Oh, and the bible thumpers keep finding out prayer doesn’t save them either. 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
  10. Exactly. Would not happen in a parliamentary Govt but Moscow Mitch truly started the scorched earth. But there’s a big difference between trying to get citizen healthcare and infrastructure vs a fat payday for billionaires I think with the gerrymandering and other games the gop is doing to try and steal the election I think the DEMS don’t play hardball enough. Should kill the filibuster and expand the SC with a punch in Moscow Mitch face. Admittedly I hope tRump runs in 2024 as I do not think he can win (without some State legislators trying to overrule their state voters and use rogue process) America is tired of him I also want the US to fail. Then maybe change will happen.
  11. It’s coming. Look at the history of the US. The ONLY thing left is bloodshed. It’s not if but when. The United States is the last remaining democracy that doesn’t have a parliamentary style Govt. If anyone thinks it’s healthy for a Country to have someone like Mitch McConnell type person “leading” Govt who openly states his goal is to obstruct and defeat the President guess what, he’s proof positive the US has already failed. I’ll be retiring overseas. I’m a submarine veteran and embarrassed at how our country Acts. tRump lit the country on fire and continues to dog whistle. So when it happens and a politician or Judge gets whacked it won’t be a surprise. You think people go crazy as it is, watch what happens if the SC overturns Roe v wade.
  12. OK, there are LITERALLY daily examples of xenophobic and racist comments coming right from our Congress let alone in society. I could understand all this if we were on AR-15 but to see this kind of though on VJ is mind blowing. Then again around the world Countries like Brazil, Russia and many others have extremism and dictators so maybe it's learned thought. The amount of hate spewed towards blacks, browns, is probably 100:1 when it's done in reverse. Term limits in Congress and Supreme Court is a must.
  13. Voters for Biden represent 70% of the US economy bud. Again, the GOP controlled states are the poorest and least educated. Facts. Can't help if you want to bury your head int the sand.
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