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  1. What do we do if our IR1 visa expires while waiting to receive our green card in the mail?
  2. We used pay.gov and have a tracking number from them, anyone else have this experience?
  3. I saved it, it says tracking info, where do I use this number??
  4. I misplaced this document, where would I find that number again?
  5. Sorry, so we made it to the US on the 21st of December. they said it will take 3+ months to receive the green card, I am just wondering how we can track when it is getting close to being mailed to us.
  6. Where do you find out in what stage your green card production is? I went to USCIS and entered case # but it said that the case was sent NVC. TIA
  7. Well have just randomly and a little anxiously checking on the web! Praise God who hears the prayers of His people
  8. Thank you so much! And am so glad you all got yours as well! How long did it take to change on the CEAC website from Admin Processing, to issued?
  9. Is this your experience? If so how long did you have to wait? Thanks
  10. So my wife went today and had her interview, and the consular told her that she definitely got her visa, and it would be at our house at the latest on Friday. Yet when I check CEAC it says administrative processing, is this normal? When should it change? TIA
  11. So it was very smooth. There was a guard outside of the embassy who was not going to let me in with my wife, even though I am her petitioner. I am glad I pressed the issue because she would have never been able to access the documents, even though they were organized well. Finally they allowed me in, I gave them the civil and financial documents, and then came the time for her interview. The officer told me to have a seat, questioned her about aspects of our marriage, she has a medical exemption, and she questioned her about whether my kids and I ( U.S. Citizens) were vaccinated, then she asked if she were against the vaccination? She said no I have a medical condition that is documented. The officer wanted her to specifically say after several promptings that she had a medical condition. All in all went smoothly, at the end my wife asked the officer if we were approved, and she said "oh you're definitely approved. Enjoy your trip to America." We are supposed to receive her visa in 3-5 days! Friday at the latest is what the officer told us! Praise God.
  12. Today is interview day! Please pray all goes well. Those who are waiting, I know it’s hard but your time will come before you know it. TIMELINE PD Oct 2020 Case sent to NVC Jan 2021 Docs evaluated - missing docs March 2021 Expedite request sent Oct 2021 Expedite request Granted Nov 2021 Interview date Dec 6 2021
  13. So our interview is on Monday and we are excited and a little anxious. My wife has been given a medical exemption from the Covid vaccine by the panel physician, just wondering how we will navigate this at the Port of Entry? Will they already have the exemption record or do we need to produce this? Thanks for any help
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