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    March 3, 2005 - he found my profile. August, 2005 - our first meeting. Oct 31, 2005 - black day... New Year, 2006 - our second meeting. The end of January - we sent our papers. March 8, 2006 - Happy women's day, Jolie Melusine! As a present, please, accept NOA1!!! May 9, 2006 - Happy Victory Day, Jolie Melusine! As a present, please, accept NOA2!!! June 2006 - Moscow embassy got our docs. We know the date of my interview. The end of July 2006 - I got (finally!) yellow envelope. August 2006 - interview. That girl was ugly like a nuclear war, spoke Russian so bad ... and didn't let me speak English - she needed so badly to practice her Russian that she didn't care about understanding. She made 3 (!!!) mistake in 2 (!!!) russian words she wrote. Is there any speacial farm where they breed this kind of creatures to work in US embassy? Any way, I needed permission from my ex 'cause court paper about my full custody wasn't suffisiant for them . The first week of September - I gave up half million rubles of child support payments and got this permission! September 21, 2006 - Happy Birthday (almost), Jolie Melusine! As a present, please, accept your fiancee visa!!! October 6, 2006 - Hello LAX! (sound of throwing up child as a background) Hello, honey! (sound of throwing up child as a background) Long drive from LA to our new home (sound of throwing up child as a background). November 24, 2006, 6.15 pm - Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! Wedding! Wedding! Wedding! As a present, please, both, accept a hang-over! :)))
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