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  1. Cause i can check my blood exams at internet with my user, i didnt say it was from a packet cause i dont have that yet 😊
  2. Thanks! Well, in my blood or urine doesnt going to appear anything cause i dont do POT since long time as i said, but even way im worry... Another question, just i check my exam result and i got positive on mumps.. How bad is that?
  3. Ok ok... So i did a terrible mistake!, i never thought about be honest gonna be so problematic.. Is not there a possibility about once i get ibto the interview they just notice about im not a problem? I am a student, im almost about get my degree on veterinary medicine, i dont have any criminal record from any kind, my family neither and neither mental disorders.. That must to means something, ohhh i just feel so regret now
  4. What about if i repeat the nedical exam with a different doctor? i can reschedule my interview yet
  5. So... That means i dont going to enter at states and i going to stay at Chile another year? 100% sure?
  6. Sooo, this friday i went to do my medical exam and when the doctor started to ask about if i smoke weed i said yes (i didnt know it was a big trouble since i started to read a few hours ago) and i explained about it was just a short period of time, on stress days from university and covid... When she ask about how long ago it was the last time from smoke i said 12 months ago, and she mark the square from "class B", what means a class B? I read about a class A means inadmissible and a B is not a reason for not admissible but im not sure, somebody can help? A desperate girlfriend from Chile
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