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  1. Hello! I am new here and this my first time posting so I hope I am not breaking any rules in the forum and posting in the right place. My wife the (petitioner) and I the beneficiary are currently in the process of our CR1 visa (still at USCIS since may). I am currently in my home country but beforehand I used to live and study in the US for about 6 years. In 2018 while I was in the US on a student visa I was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI (alcohol related) but not a crime of moral turpitude and the case was ultimately dismissed in court so no conviction. I am now in my home country waiting for the process but I read on boundless that I need to get certified court records and a police certificate. I have never had any issues in my home country and I will be able to get a police certificate. But my question here is about the US. I read on the forum here that I don't need to get a US police certificate since they already run background checks on you. But will I need to get certified court records from the state I was arrested in for NVC or the embassy explaining the arrest? After finishing school in the US and leaving to my home country I went to court and got certified disposition letter but I am wondering if I need to get any court records? Thank you
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