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    We met 5 years ago in NY. Now, she lives in London. I live in New York, and we both travel back and forth as time and funds allow. We're hoping that K1 visa will be the panacea that will enable us to live in the same place, but the process to obtaining one is testing to say the least.

    I first found this website from the recommendation of a friend months ago. The guides were quite helpful in giving an overview of and advice about the visa process. We filed and received our NOA1 in June and now we're waiting. Waiting. Every time I go to the mailbox I look for a letter that hasn't arrived yet. Was it just me? Or did the original estimate I read on the VS site say 88 days until the 2nd NOA. Don't know what day we're on now. Don't want to know. I just want to be able to get the rest of my life underway. We both do.

    Please if you've filed with Vermont Service Center in June or at all, I'd love to hear your story. The hopes of many have to be stronger than the hopes on one.

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