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  1. Congratulations!! Looks like September 2021 cases are slowly getting cleared.
  2. Yay!! Congratulations 🎊 Looks like your interview is waived and you got a direct approval.
  3. Im waiting for any movement on my parent's Green Card Application. Its silence after RFIE in February.
  4. My father in law got his today and my mother in laws is expected to be delivered on Monday.
  5. I was wondering what happened to your parents case. So yours is also stuck in actively reviewing.... Did your parents get their SSN? I wonder when we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. Our cases are going so slow ☹. We applied for parents-in-law's GC received at Chicago on May 2nd and 4th for each of them. They had their biometrics on June 10 and their EAD got approved and card produced on the same day. For my parent just an EAD took 7 months. Processing speed is so random.
  7. We sent my parents-in-law's application on April 27 and 29 which were received on May 2 and 4 respectively. They had their biometrics on June 10 amd same day their I765 changed to card being produced and I 797 to that effect for EAD approval is already seen in both their online accounts.
  8. Wow! It took that long for you from interview to GC delivery? Props to you for patience 😊
  9. Just checking in to say that there is absolutely no update for my parent's Green Card after he got his EAD on April 1.
  10. Than its just better you wait for Green Card to come..unless of course your parents plan to work before Green Card comes.
  11. Is it because the EAD got lost that they want you to re file for it?
  12. Me! My parent's interview or waiver is not fixed. Got his EAD on April 1 along with deficiency of I 693 (eventhough we submitted it with our original packet). I wonder how much longer we have to wait 🙄
  13. Oh no. You did not end up finding your parents EAD? I hope you get a replacement soon.
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