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  1. Transfers and extensions can reset the 2 year clock depending on program and institution - you need to check that with the international student office before you do the paperwork do keep in mind that dv time is limited and you have to apply within a limited timeframe, and if you don't have a waiver by then the application is automatically cancelled. i'd highly recommend focusing on the waiver, and then dv, and potentially postponing the research/transfer to later...
  2. Indeed, because on I-485 there is a question that asks specifically about the J-1 presence in the past and 2YHRR...
  3. on paper looks ok, but you won't know until you talk to the consular officer. good luck!
  4. there is not a lot of information on this topic publicly, but... https://isss.utah.edu/forms-publications/documents/J-1-Scholar-Transfer-Out-Policy-Guide.pdf depending on the program you transfered to, you might be subject to the rule again. check with the program sponsor, check you new DS-2019, and do consult an immigration lawyer who specialized in waivers if you have more doubts... some additional info... Important notes about the 212(e) waiver (https://isss.umbc.edu/after-your-j-1-visit/): No additional extension: Once you receive a written waiver recommendation from the US Department of State, you cannot extend the current end date of your DS-2019. Transfer after waiver: While not recommended, if you are a J-1 scholar at another institution who has already received the 212e waiver but would like to transfer your record to UMBC, it is possible to transfer the J-1 DS-2019 provided the end date remains the same on the new DS-2019.
  5. Correct - your passport is still with them while they process your paperwork... you can request it back if you need it for anything
  6. AP can be weeks, months, or more than a year - it all depends on the case. Nothing you can do other than wait.
  7. You can't, but you can send another expedite request. Keep in mind that most expedite request approvals come from medical emergencies and/or financial hardship as related to the US citizen/petitioner, not the beneficiary or their children...
  8. As others have already mentioned, I think your understanding of the business visa is different from the intent of what the person is doing... That is, on B1/B2 you can't work at a businss. but then you mention that you also intend to share the aspects of the country with him... so tourism? could you clarify what your intent is for the fiancee once they arrive in the US? I thjnk that would help the forum help you better
  9. I'd say "visits" should be for a week or maybe slightly more, but not get into the 'months' territory - that can be seen as 'living' in the US, and you can reduce your chances of future visits while the visa is processing....
  10. Also be aware that host families through exchange program are random-assigned to students... you can't pick and choose unless the program gives you that option.
  11. Keep in mind that public school costs are different for residents vs. foreign students and it's not up to the school to decide... there are state and federal regulations that determine this. You pay taxes, but the student you are planning on bringing in didn't and neither did their family (in US, that is...) so they would not be able to benefit from the same possibilities you, a resident, has.
  12. This depends. This is proof of intent of re-establish domicile, that, if ommitted (assuming the husband is petitioner) can result in NVC asking for additional documentation
  13. you can submit the documents that way - the outcome varies, as we've seen people for whom submitting documents had no impact, and others practically go back to the end of the line and the date of last document submission is the date when their application gets in the queue... were you already documentarily qualified?
  14. I mean, your mileage may vary, but at least it's a formal answer 😅
  15. Also keep in mind that the experiences on this forum are subjective and often speculative - that is, what worked for some won't work for othrs all time. When in doubt, call USCIS and clarify to get an authoritative answer..
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