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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for your replies! If I'm not mistaken, I don't believe there is a specific section in the I-129F where it asks if you have overstayed? 😅 I know the section at the very back that you're talking about though, so I guess I'll just be including that info there. Do you still recall where you mentioned your overstay during your process? I just want to avoid being accused of trying to conceal information. I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you, even with the small overstay! Fingers crossed I'll be as lucky.
  2. My fiancé and I are planning to file the I-129F form next year. Nine years ago I accrued about 40 days of overstay in the U.S. on a R2 (nonimmigrant) visa. I left voluntarily and was never subjected to any bar. I never attempted to get another U.S. visa since then (not counting the K-1 visa my fiancé and I plan to pursue now, of course). Should I include this information in my cover letter?
  3. Hi, my boyfriend (U.S. citizen) and I (Filipino citizen) are planning on getting married, but I have some concerns as I overstayed in the U.S. before. Technically, I only accrued 37 days of overstay. However, I was brought into the U.S. as an infant and lived there until I turned 18. Thirty-seven days after turning 18 I left the U.S and returned back to the Philippines. I know I'm still eligible to apply for a K-1 visa as you cannot accrue a legal presence in the U.S. if you're under 18, but will my presence in the U.S. as a minor be cause for denial? I have been out of the U.S. for nearly 10 years now and haven't been back to the U.S. since.
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