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  1. I believe you have 6 months to enter the US from the date of the medical exam not when the VISA is approved.
  2. I posted this in the Latin section and no answers have been give. maybe someone here can help. Can anyone shine light on this: My fiancé, the beneficiary, was born in Venezuela and has lived in Colombia most all her life. She has a copy of her birth certificate fully executed, stamps, etc from Venezuela (see photo). In reading required documents for our upcoming interview we are reading "Se requiere copia del folio". Is this an additional document we need or will her certified birth certificate cover all the requirements of this "folio"? Also... she called an attorney in Colombia and was told she needs her birth certificate updated to within the past year or the consulate will not accept it. That sounds totally false but I could be wrong. Thank you!
  3. We are looking to get biometrics, medical and consulate interview performed in the same week in Bogota. Many have done this so I'm curious if there are any tips or the ins and outs of going this route. We're looking at mid-November so there are a LOT of available days to choose from. I was thinking to schedule the interview on a Thursday or Friday and get the other things done starting first of the week. Is that plenty of time to get all of this together? Thoughts by those who have experienced Bogota this year?
  4. Yeah... I was trying to word this question properly so excuse me for any confusion. I think you two get the idea though. She gets her K1 visa stamp in Colombia, we then immediately travel to Honduras for let's say 2-3 months (all within the 6 months required to travel to US after receiving K1 visa) then we go to the US to start the 90-day countdown to get married. We're trying to avoid not being able to visit our second home together for months and months waiting on green card or travel permitting.
  5. Thank you my friend but I wasn't questioning where we get married. I already know we have to get married in the US and within 90 days of arrival. I'm asking about travel to another country PRIOR to arriving in the US to get married. Hope that clarifies better what we're thinking about doing.
  6. We are deciding on whether or not to travel immediately to the US after hopefully receiving my fiancée's K1 visa after interview in Colombia OR travel to our second home in Honduras for a few months then go to the US from there. Are there any foreseen issues regarding this 2nd option? Can the beneficiary after receiving their K1 visa travel to another country then on to the petitioner's home country for marriage? Basically Colombia>Honduras>United States on K1 visa. Thank you!
  7. I might suggest seeing if you can get through to your state congress representative or senator to see if they might listen to your issue here. They have the ability to inquire on your behalf and maybe, just maybe, move your case along a little faster.
  8. Yes, I understand that. The question is whether I need an actual courthouse police record or will one of those online pay sites for the police record suffice? I don't see the courthouse type as a requirement when answering for non-violent or drug related arrests. 4b arrest info.
  9. Haha... I swear I'm not drunk. Haha. I got the two mixed up for a second. I'm not the beneficiary, I'm the petitioner.
  10. Sorry about that. I am the petitioner and I reside in the US. This is for my police record
  11. Forgot to mention this is for the beneficiary record. I reside in the US.
  12. Hi All.. I had 4-5 arrests, all non-violent/none drug related. All dumb theft from 30 plus years ago. Anyway, are online records acceptable for I129 form or must they come from the arresting jurisdiction? Thank you!
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