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  1. Person is chargeable to a different country. Born in West bank, but chargeable to Jordan
  2. Instructions linked above say "persons born in the West Bank are chargeable to Jordan". I guess my question is do I keep it as "Yes" and it automatically charges to Jordan, or do I need to check "No", and choose Jordan to actually be chargeable to it.
  3. Hey folks, I have a question for people from West Bank who apply for the DV. If you check page 18 of the link below, it says that they are chargeable to Jordan. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Diversity-Visa/DV-Instructions-Translations/DV-2023-Instructions-Translations/DV-2023-Instructions-English.pdf The question now is, when you choose your country of birth as West bank, it automatically changes country of eligibility to Jordan, but does not check the "No" part of question. if someone had applied without checking "No", is their entry valid or not? (See Screenshot below)
  4. If it is rejected, you will have to file again and pay. I heard that it is only guaranteed if your income was indeed below 150% of poverty at time of filing, otherwise it is not guaranteed. If I were in your shoes, I would just add the check because you are very tight on time, and you don't want to risk getting denied and missing the 90 day window to refile.
  5. I will never understand the comments that say "If you have nothing to hide, what's the problem". Thank you for sharing.
  6. I am Palestinian and went through immigration with the Jerusalem embassy. Opposite to what you might believe, I had a fantastic experience with them. I was able to get an interview within a month of my petition being approved, and the interview was very calm, easy and professional. I was approved on the spot, and I got my passport with the visa after 3 days. I got the chance to meet half a dozen people or so who were there that day interviewing for the same immigration visa as I, and we were mix of Arabs and Jews. I cannot say I felt there was any discrimination happening, and we were all treated the same.
  7. Why are there known timelines that are just extremely fast, with no expeditated petitions? If we assume they take in the applications by order of submission, those extremely quick timelines shouldn't exist. I know RFE's and your Service Center affects the timeline, but even then outliers happen.
  8. I did read. I am just explaining where I originally came from to someone who asked.
  9. I shouldn't need a reason to refuse the government's meddling with my personal and private data. If they think they have a good reason to suspect me in any way, which they shouldn't, they can get a warrant. At least that's how it should be done, and I understand that at the border there might be different laws and authorities given, so that's why I am here asking.
  10. So as a LPR, they cannot refuse my entry? And worst case scenario is they detain me for several hours and eventually let me in?
  11. Can I refuse having my phone searched by an immigration officer if I am returning to the US as a permanent resident? Do I run any risks if I refuse to hand or unlock my phone/ask for warrant/ask for supervisor...etc?
  12. Which service centers handle form I-751, and at what point does it get transferred to the local USCIS office? And how much of a role do the service center and local office play?
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