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  1. Has any Detroit filer get their N-400 interview done recently? How long did it take from applying to interview?
  2. Thank you for pointing this out for me. I will document it all and make sure I mention at the interview
  3. I read the N-44 instructions again and I saw what you are talking about. What it says is that those kind of incidents do not need to be documented, but I do not see a mention that they do not need to be disclosed and listed.
  4. Where exactly does it instruct that? I must have missed it
  5. Hello. I submitted N-400 earlier this month, and answered the question "23. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason?" with No. However, it just hit me that I was cited for a simple traffic violation before, and it did not occur me at the time of filing. Should I upload my driving record and proof of payment with a sweet letter explaining what happened, or should I wait until the interview and explain it then? Thank you in advance
  6. Hello everyone. Is it safe to submit a 3-year-rule N-400 application online with minimal evidence, and upload evidence later on? Presumably to get a place in line as soon as possible, then upload evidence in the coming few days or weeks, as I hear it is pretty simple to add to your application Thank you for your help in advance
  7. I am a LPR and attended classes at a university recently and had to prove my status I had to show that I am a citizen, LPR or holding an appropriate student visa. My GC and extension letter did the job even though technically the letter will expire midway through my tenure at the university. I am not sure if they will ask for extra verification once letter expires. Some public schools simply won't admit undocumented students, so they verify students' status, and many private colleges won't enroll undocumented students as a matter of school policy. What might be forcing any school to verify one's status is state law and/or school policy. Contact your school's international student department for a more accurate answer for your situation.
  8. N-400's have been (generally) accepted relatively quickly, averaging 5-9 months for most field offices with few outliers.
  9. If your case gets denied, you do not lose your status until an immigration judge rules or you voluntary surrender your residency by filing Form I-407. Make sure you have status documents so you can fly back in i.e. Expired GC + Valid Extension Letter or Passport with Valid Temporary I-551 Stamp. There is a small change that CBP officers might take you for extra questioning, or might even try to make you sign a Form I-407. Obviously you won't sign anything and can practice your right to remain silent, or not. Once you establish your US residency, the immigration inspection is immediately over, and can only keep you for customs related things. Afterwards, you will look into why your I-751 was denied, and you might want to talk with your lawyer about filing another I-751, or just file it yourself, it depends on your situation.
  10. I have been stuck in Removing Conditions for so long with no end in sight, and I will be eligible to file N-400 soon, this is the only thing keeping me sane, that Citizenship applications are being turned around in a reasonable amount of time
  11. Do you know what is the current wait for unmarried adult children of LRPs? Or where can I find it on the USCIS website?
  12. Hello. If a USC files I-30 for their parents to move to the US as LPR, can I-30s be filed simultaneously for any children the parents have under the age of 21? Or do the children need to wait for the parents to get their status first?
  13. Why several days if the possibility is that it will show that it was filed a day earlier. Why not just one day after eligibility day? Also, I started my N-400 application even though I am not eligible yet, but soon, just to get ahead of things, and the website does not allow you to submit the application until your eligibility day, so you can argue it is impossible to file too early if you have your information right
  14. Why would their be a problem if you file online on the first day of eligibility?
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