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  1. Thank you for your reply . Baes on the consideration of being ineligible for h4 visa bcoz of CIMT , he is still eligible for a waiver . But the us consulate refuses to recommend his application to the ARO . Is there anything else he can do ? Or any other method to apply for a waiver ?
  2. Hello , my friend attended h4 visa interview and was refused due to criminal history ( grand theft -shoplifting) the officer refused and said he is inadmissible to us and can apply for waiver . He took another interview date - and asked for a recommendation for waiver to be sent to ARO . The officer refused to forward the waiver application. -Note :prepared a waiver application through an attorney. I don’t understand why was the application refused ? There was no overstay , no deportation . He wants to go on a dependent visa . what are the options now ? I really would appreciate any help in moving forward. If there are any similar stories please do share . It will give hope . looking forward for a reply . thank you
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