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  1. mr adil Do u have any info concerning the nvc process when they gonna ask about last 3 years tax returns and tax transcripts So the situation is She was married before so she didn't need to work so she didn't pay any taxes but after she got a divorce . She start work and now she married to me And she started to pay taxes for work 4 months ago that's when she started work also But they ask in the nvc about last 3 years tax returns . So we not gonna gonna find a problem with that . Are we ?? Because she didn't pay any taxes before she worked . Not because she didn't want to but because there was nothing to pay . But now she work and pay her taxes since 4 months now . But they ask about last 3 years tax returns So that's the situation !!!!
  2. mr adil amm i just wanna mention that we did meet 2 times but we did get married at the her first visit Because we were already talking at social media for almost 5 months and during that time we decided to get married and at her first visit she brought the documents for marriage with her I noticed ur previous message when u said " It's good that u didn't get married at the first visit " Is this gonna be a problem in the futur ?
  3. That was really helpfull Thank u so much She was married to a USC btw And we already have our moroccan marriage certifiacte So we don't have to wait for the year to pass since the previous marriage to apply for uscic ? Is there any process we have to do to make that marriage Recognized in america too ?
  4. My wife got a divorce 5 months now and we just got married a month now and she went back to usa . Can she apply for me there so i can come live with her or she have to wait a year to do so Because i heard that she have to wait for a year to pass since the previous marriage. before she can apply to bring her current husband to the state
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