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  1. Yes, That's why I asked this question over here. Since I know we have really good community here. 😅 So how do I show my status to renew my passport in US?🤔 Waiting for my GC interview dates, so I don't my have GC yet. My student visa has already expired.(after GC application). Done with my bio-metrics but haven't received EAD yet, All I have is I-797C. And in checklist they didn't said anything about I-797C alone. I don't have any I-797A notice. I tried calling VFSGlobal, but no one is picking up even when I put my credit card info for phone call charges. 🙃
  2. My name is Parth, My student visa expired on Jan 09, 2022 after I applied for green card. My Biometric is done but no EAD yet, I have only I797C notice that USCIS recived my application. My Indian passport will expire on June 18, 2022. Can I renew my passport from VFSGlobal in NY?
  3. Hi Everyone, Today I received RFE for Birth Certificate. I have already submitted color copy of my BC which is in Native and English Language (Seperated with / ). I see on my uscis account they have uploaded black and white BC which i submitted initialy. RFE I got says, The applicant, ___________________________________, must submit a copy of their birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority in their country of birth. We will only accept a long-form birth certificate which lists at least one parent. If the document is in a foreign language, the applicant must include a full English translation along with a certification from the translator verifying that the translation is complete and accurate, and that they are competent to translate from the foreign language to English. 1) Do I need to translate this BC with certified translator or should I resubmit the same? 2) While responding to this RFE online what should I attach? (Cover Letter, RFE Letter, Copy of Original BC, Translated Copy of BC & Cetification from translator) Thank you in advance for guiding me.
  4. Hello, Actually this is for my brother who wants to start drafting service LLC but he is on H1B visa and his employer has filed for his green card. He was confused because many google articles suggests that he can open LLC and do projects on his free time. Please advise. Thank you.
  5. Today, I recevied my biometric appointment for 11/05/21 for application I-485,I-765. Do you know after that how long it takes to get EAD?
  6. Yes, You guys are right. I agree with you. I was confused with the EAD 180 day extension on I797c.
  7. I have submitted my current employment verification letter with my starting date, salary, position while applying for I-765. Will that help expedite the process?
  8. Well, sorry for the long discussion. I didn't expect this. All I wanted to know was how I can work while I wait for my marriage-based EAD to come, I found a solution. I can work for my friend's LLC in my own country and my employer agreed to wire transfer my paycheck to my friend's account until I receive my new EAD since they like my work and want me to do projects for them.
  9. I am not saying it's legal, it's like my wife opened up LLC for designing and she got a project for design and she doesn't know how to design so I am just helping her out from home voluntarily.
  10. Yes, I will do the work but without my name anywhere. On projects, emails, invoices, bank account it will be my wife's name.
  11. Ok, so I have to leave my job if my stem opt ead expires? Just your thoughts on this, Employer suggested since they like my work and want me to keep working, My wife can open up drafting service LLC on her name and my employer said they can give design projects to her LLC and I can do the work and design products for my wife from home and they can pay my wife's LLC every week for the service as they used to pay me for my job. Do you think, it's a good idea?
  12. Might be my mistake in reading, I have STEM OPT EAD, just wanted to know that can I continue working with the I797c notice or have to wait until I get my EAD in hand if my current EAD and visa expires?
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