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  1. This clears everything up! Thank you to everyone who helped in this thread
  2. I see! That makes sense. Thank you for your help. I'd honestly be lost and in a state of panic without VJ right now. Really grateful!!!!! Will update our timeline once everything's set, thanks!
  3. Sorry for asking again, as this might seem common knowledge for some.. just a bit confused. Seeing as we can file the I-130 online, should we file it and then send an email to notify withdrawal of I-129? Or should we do both via mail (letter to withdraw + I-130)?
  4. I've been getting private messages regarding my post, and while I always redirect them to this thread for more information, some have been insisting to ask about this. From what I understand in this thread, this discussion is not an option for those whose partners are currently outside the United States who wish to enter with this specific intent, as it is considered illegal and immigration fraud.
  5. I see! Alright will include this in our packet. Will the 30-day notice letter and a screenshot of my email exchange with my boss/HR suffice? I completely agree. I don't mind the break too! I work in academe so the shift to remote teaching has been stressful enough as it is, this is a very welcome unemployment on my part. Thank you again, your comments have been really helpful!
  6. Hi again, to everyone following this thread. So we decided that we would get married after reading through everything here. Would like to ask your opinion on work. I was granted a month's leave, and our company has a 30-day notice policy for resignation. I decided that I would resign from my job (it's remote work), because I don't have work authorization to continue doing it for now. My boss offered that I could still continue working, as they don't mind that I'm not in Manila, but I understand that this is something I can't do, at least not without proper authorization, so I'm turning in my 30 day notice. BUT this would also mean that I would technically still be employed for 30 days before my "official" resignation -- does this still count as unauthorized work and/or will this be a problem?
  7. People whose cases were at the US Embassy in Manila also received this, without a prior interview schedule. They received their schedule shortly after this email. Granted, this is a different embassy, but it might just be the same with you. Hope you get your interview soon!
  8. Thank you for your input, and thanks for citing the other options too. You're right! Appreciate this a lot!
  9. Yes I agree, that's why we are considering this now too. Going back to the Philippines would mean thousands of pesos / a few thousand dollars spent on a pre-booked hotel for 10-14 days, and swab tests etc. -- which I was prepared for. Now that we know that this is a legal option, then it's better to spend that money on this process instead.
  10. Just went over your timeline, wow it really IS the same situation, and congratulations! I'm so happy things went smoothly for you. If it's okay to ask (and if it's too personal to answer, you don't have to, I understand) - did the K1 come up during the interview? I feel bad for quitting it now that we are nearing the finish line, but if this really is a legal option for us then we'll take it.
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