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  1. We didn't wear same clothes and he didn't pay bride price but my religion doesn't agree with brideprice, there wasn't really a ceremony, we just took pictures with my family and friends. It was just an introduction
  2. I showed pictures too, now I'm scared...we didn't think that count, the pictures were for our relationship timeline, what do i do?
  3. Omg, i also did my introduction will this count against me? What should i do now we just got our application approved by USCIS?
  4. But it was so short, and I'm scared it's a different approval. but on their page it says, your case has been approved on June 3rd just three days after it was received
  5. So on june 1st my fiancee got a notice from USCIS saying his application has been received with a receipt number, ( he is the American citizen) so on August 31st about two month later we checked the site again to track our progress and we got an approved application status, the problem was that there was no email from them like the previous stage and it says our application was approved on june 3rd, just three days after we got the first notification in 2021! I don't want to get my hopes up but does that mean our case has been transferred from USCIS to NVC? Or is there a different approval? Also I'm a year older than him is that a red flag? Although we are both very young 23 and 22 is that an issue too?
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