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  1. Yes but in our case we are both Turkish citizen and petitioner is also US citizen
  2. It was very crowded. There was lots of middle eastern people as well. They seem to work at full capacity now
  3. Our interview was on Feb 7th. We got 221g because they wanted an original divorce document. We sent back with passports and today we got ISSUED. Good Luck to everybody.
  4. Hello, I just got my interview letter for CR1. My interview will be on Feb 7th, 2022. My DQ was Nov 2nd, 2021 I am Turkish Citizen. Good Luck to everyone.
  5. priority is still different. people with November 2021 DQ dates are getting interviews now. Something is wrong with yours. Is it for CR1 or IR1?
  6. i think the process is different for non Turkish citizens. My husband is Turkish citizen
  7. Has anyone got an interview scheduled in Ankara? Our DQ is Nov 2nd 2021 we are still waiting at NVC.
  8. my initial submission was August 10 but on Nov 3rd I had to resubmit another document so I am waiting for my turn
  9. we have to petitions one for husband -submitted on Aug 10th and DQ'ed Tuesday for our son-submitted Aug 11th - got an RFE asking us to sign I864 by hand and reupload. We did. and uploaded date still shows August 10th so I am not sure if we have to wait another 3 months or a few days. My lawyer says he should DQ in a few days. I have hope since upload date did not change.
  10. I got DQ'ed today. Our first and only submission was August 10th! Good Luck everyone!
  11. i just saw somebody Aug 11th submission got DQ today!
  12. I am still seeing 12-OCT date as well.
  13. I am August 10th submission. No news yet. Hopefully next week and no RFEs good luck to everybody!
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